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Our best window cleaner gives his 7 window cleaning mistakes.

Photo of a window cleaner cleaning the inside glass of a window

Whether you’re cleaning the windows or any other part of your home, there are a few things to keep in mind. Avoiding the most common mistakes while cleaning your windows will save you time, and effort, and ensure that your windows are clean and streak-free. If you’re washing your windows at home, keep reading to learn about some of the most common and easily avoidable blunders that people do.

There are several ways to harm your windows, so be aware of this. Everything from improper glass cleaner supplies to incorrect cleaning solutions to traditional cleaning advice that turns out to be dangerous is a part of the process. Depending on the type of window, certain maintenance requirements apply, so pay attention to what can and cannot be done when restoring or replacing one.

Using kitchen paper to wipe and polish windows is a bad idea.

A common belief is that kitchen paper can be used to polish glass. That, however, isn’t entirely accurate. Wet surfaces tend to shred and stick paper. Small fibres can be left on the glass surface by smearing the cleaning solution. If you do it this way, you’ll have to repeat the cleaning procedure, which will take more of your time on top of the time it already takes. Better yet, invest in some microfibre cloths or lint-free cotton clothing and all of your window washing woes will be history.

Do not use newspapers to clean your windows.

Yes, in the old days, newspapers were used to polish glass surfaces, and this practice was common. Glass cleaners in the past have been made with materials that have rendered them ineffective for this function. A greasy newspaper will re-distribute debris, leave black ink, and smear the windows instead of absorbing the cleaner.

To break up hard dirt, forget about abrasive materials.

Even scrubbing hard won’t remove tenacious stains like bird faeces, insect traces, or other coarse dirt particles from your windows, so you’ll have to resort to alternative methods to get them clean. Rough brushes, scrub pads, and razors should never be used. Even if you can remove the crusted grime, it will harm the windows or frames, resulting in significant damage.

To clean your windows with the wrong cleaning products.

If you’ve tried window cleaning detergents in the past, forget about them, they’re not the best for cleaning windows. They can induce allergies, respiratory issues, skin eruptions, etc. because of the substances they contain. They are also untrustworthy due to the fact that these harmful substances might attract dust. Instead, make your window cleaning solution by mixing white vinegar, lemon, dishwashing liquid and water. Windows may be cleaned quickly and cheaply with this method.

Wrong cleaning fluids are used.

Using a lot of water is necessary for cleaning glass surfaces. In the comfort of one’s own home, many people choose to drink tap water. This is still another blunder, as hard water like this contains minerals like limestone. Because it will leave streaks on the windows, there is no need for a thorough cleaning procedure. The best way to remove even the most persistent filth and keep it from piling up for an extended period is to use purified water, which has been filtered to remove any contaminants.

Window washing in the wrong weather.

We can see how filthy the windows are when the sun shines through them. This is quite aggravating and may serve as a prompt to get them cleaned up as soon as possible. That was a big oversight! You run the risk of your windows drying too quickly if you clean during the hottest part of the day. As a result of these stains, you’ll have to start again from scratch. You should execute this task on a gloomy day or at a lower temperature but don’t clean your windows when it’s raining. The ideal temperature for window cleaning is between 21° and 23° Celsius.

Windowpanes shouldn’t be cleaned from the centre outwards.

The wrong way to wash windows is to start from the middle and work outwards towards the frames, Pro Window Cleaning Tunbridge Wells is strict on this. Moving upward, the soiled soapy water will discolour the previously cleaned surfaces. When you’re using a squeegee or sponge, it restricts the movement of your hand. S-techniques, on the other hand, allow you to cover the entire window and remove all of the extra water, resulting in a streak free surface.

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