Pro Window Cleaning Tunbridge Wells

Fascia and Soffits Cleaning Tunbridge Wells

Photo of a ladder resting on facia boards ready for someone to climb up and clean soffits

When it comes to roof cleaning people are usually more worried about the tiles and make an effort to ensure that they look the part. That is mostly because they are one of the most outward-facing parts of your roof. Cleaning your fascia and soffits in Tunbridge Wells is most of the time way more important as they are keeping the roof together. The build-up of moisture in these areas can cause mould to form which will inevitably deteriorate these parts at a faster rate than usual. Is that explanation enough to push you to give our window cleaner in Tunbridge Wells a call? If not, don’t worry there are a couple of more things that we can say!   ​


Bleach, Soap, What Are We Going To Be Using? 

With all of the cleaning services that we provide there is no one magic formula that we use to handle each situation. Except maybe for windows. We do have to say that with windows there is certain add ons in particular that we have to use. With these types of cleaning services though things are a little different. We may need to be removing mould at times or animal excrement things like that and especially with mould removal, we want to make sure that it does not come back so we may use different chemicals than what we would normally use.  

How Often Should These Areas Be Cleaned? 

Usually, we like to say around three or four times a year if we are talking about deep cleaning these areas. As lots of houses in Tunbridge Wells have weatherboards we usually clean them at the same time. So you need to have any type of routine cleaning method this is something that you can continue to do without any problem. But if you have certain issues though with mould or other types of things you are probably going to want to be more proactive with the care of your roofing. As well you should be!

Spotting Any Potential Problems 

More often than not if we can get these jobs done consistently we are going to be the people that will see your roofing more up close than anyone else. It would be a travesty on our part if we did not report any type of problems that we find. Whether they are cracks, the forming of mould, or even other more severe issues. When we are called in to clean these areas we are also going to take advantage of the opportunity to make sure that we take pictures of the area to see if we spot any type of problem.

Keeping The Pressure Just Right

One of the things that we are going to have to keep a very close eye on is the amount of water pressure that we are using to clean. A lot of times it looks great when we are pressure washing to see that dirt is just coming off easily. With these structures though you are probably not going to want to add too much water. So we want to keep things at a decent level.