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What to charge for window cleaning in the UK?

Having a lot of tall windows in a room can make it feel more extensive and more open – not until you have to clean them. Some people have a hard time getting to all the parts of their windows that are very decorative or appealing. They need help making the windows look like they were just installed again. If you want to hire someone to clean your windows, our team of UPVC cleaners in Tunbridge Wells is here to help.

You may be wondering how to maximise service value by determining how much to charge for window cleaning. Here we’ve put together a window cleaning price guide that will show you some of the average prices for window cleaning services. 

Particularly for residential window cleaning, window cleaners employ various methods to determine how much to charge for cleaning. In most cases, the cost of large buildings and offices is calculated based on square footage. It is inefficient for most window cleaners to charge by the pane or by the number of windows in a larger building because it takes more time. Each piece of glass in a window is referred to as a pane. A typical window has 2-3 panes. There will be up to four storm windows.

A smaller home is typically charged a flat rate per window due to a limited number of windows to set pane by pane. If the property is a moderate size, many cleaners may charge pane for pane, ranging from £2 to £7 per pane or more for larger windows. While it’s not commonplace to charge an hourly rate for large properties when counting panes by pane is too time-consuming and impracticable. Window cleaning costs can range from £30 to £70 per hour.

This is just a rough guide to the prices you should expect to pay. Multiple things can and will affect the cost of your window cleaning. The greater the number of windows, the more money you’ll be able to pocket in place of their cleaning. The dirtier the window, the more time, energy and tools you will need to clean it thoroughly and adequately. The windows on a commercial building or a residence can be classified into two types based on their design – simple and sophisticated. The type of window may influence your window cleaning pricing list. Windows with intricate designs are more challenging to clean and take longer, whereas basic windows require less labour. A large number of commercial buildings and specific residential structures have large windows with few or no glass. They are often more manageable and less expensive to clean than other types of windows because of the way they are constructed. Another factor is where you live. The frequency with which your client needs their windows often cleaned changes based on where they live. In a city, dirt and debris can build up on the windows more quickly than in a rural area. If they live or work there, they might suggest having their windows cleaned at least once a month. Clients who live in the suburbs should set up regular cleanings at least once every two months. 

Do not make yourself do more than you should. Set your budget, Google ‘window cleaners near me prices‘ and pick the company that fits your price. If you choose Tunbridge Wells window cleaning services then staff will get your money’s worth. So get a free quote from us by filling out a contact form.