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Will you still clean our windows in the rain?

Many people have the misconception that if it is raining then they should avoid cleaning their windows since the rain will make them filthy again. However, this is a pure myth. As we feel we are the best window cleaner in Tunbridge Wells, we operate all year. So in answer to your question of “will you still clean our windows in the rain?”, the answer is “Most certainly”.

Factors to consider

Unpredictable weather patterns make it difficult to determine the best time to clean the windows. When you clean your windows in direct sunshine, the panes are likely to become overheated. This then increases the probability of streaking, especially if the squeegee is in the hands of an untrained cleaner. On the other hand, most homeowners are concerned about cleaning their windows in the rain. Just like most outdoor activities, window cleaning is sometimes regarded as best left for dry days. On the other hand, rain does many things, but it does not turn a clean window dirty. It may make a dirty window appear dirtier, but only if the window already has dirt on it. Rain tends to assist keep windows cleaner for extended periods.

Understanding rainwater and its effectiveness in cleaning

Minerals, chemicals, and particles contained in groundwater are not present in the raindrop. There are two primary reasons why sprinkler water leaves streaks on windows and cars. Firstly, when the water evaporates, the groundwater’s chemicals and particles will remain, leaving white streaks where the water landed. Secondly, any dirt or dust on the window or car will be disturbed and loosened by the groundwater. A puddle will remain after the water has evaporated. You won’t get spots from rainwater drying unless the object you were cleaning was dirty, to begin with.

An image of a window in the rain which we could still clean if the customer asked us to

Rain's role in air quality and window maintenance

The rain actually helps to clean the air by wiping dust, filth, and pollen off of outdoor surfaces, which adds to cleaner air. The amount of particulate matter in the air can be reduced by frequent showers, and keeping your windows clean can keep pollen and debris from adhering to the glass and the areas around it. When it rains, spots won’t appear on the window if there is no dirt there to begin with. When the air is clean, there is less dust that will collect on the surface of a raindrop, which will lead to the formation of a spot as the rain dries up. Because of the dry weather and the pollen in the air, windows and other surfaces will become covered in dust and dirt. Additionally, during dry weather, activities such as building, landscaping, mulching, or mowing generate a significant amount of dust and dirt.

​Safety considerations and window cleaning in inclement weather

Of course, you will also need to think about health and safety, because working in bad weather can be dangerous. Long water-fed poles are safer than going up slippery ladders but might be more challenging to hold. There are limits to how far you can see, too. Make sure it’s safe to work, especially if you have people who could be hurt at work. Work in the rain for just one day, and you could lose your job for a long time. Another thing to consider is the angle of the glass. Although rain will wash some dirt off vertical windows relatively efficiently, it does this with less effectiveness the less vertical the window is. This is also made worse because dirt builds up considerably more quickly on windows that aren’t vertical.

Clean windows in the rain

So we will still clean your windows in the rain but it comes down to personal choice. We get quite a lot of bad weather in the UK so sometimes it’s the only option. But for more inquiries, contact our best window cleaning in Tunbridge Wells team and we’ll be pleased to help you!