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Is it ok for an outside window cleaner to clean in the rain?

Photo of a window with raindrops on it which our outside window cleaner would still clean if required

You’ve probably been told that cleaning your windows when rain is expected is pointless because it won’t prevent the rain from coming in and could even be harmful. You have probably memorised this idea at this point. But can an outside window cleaner clean in the rain? This is a question that many people ask. Some people point blank refuse to have their windows cleaned if rain is predicted. While others prefer to put off the task until the drier months of spring and summer.

Is it possible to clean the windows if it's raining outside?

Let’s settle this matter once and for all! Cleaning windows in the rain is possible. It’s a misconception that rain will leave your windows grimy. So you should never let the prospect of rain discourage you from keeping your windows spotless. It’s a well-known fact that it’s dirt, not rain, that causes streaking on windows. Therefore, if your windows look dirtier when it rains, it’s just because the rain has adhered to the filth, dust, pollen, and muck that was already there. Then if the frame is dirty and hasn’t been cleaned, the rain will transfer that dirt to the glass. But if the window and frame are spotless, water will bead up and roll right off, leaving the glass unsoiled. This is because rainwater is considerably cleaner than municipal water supplies.

We don't break our window cleaning schedule

Every day in Tunbridge Wells, we witness examples of broken glass and soiled frames. Regularly cleaning windows in rain or shine will ensure that your windows remain in pristine condition for as long as feasible. No matter the weather, Pro Window Cleaning Tunbridge Wells will clean up the grime, stains, and watermarks. We are so sure that your windows will look great that we will come back after the rain stops to make any last adjustments you may have noticed.

Clean them to avoid permanent damage

Water and mineral stain buildup on the glass from not having it cleaned during rain and damp weather will eventually cause irreversible damage if you don’t get it done. Since glass is permeable, anything left on it for an extended time will eventually become embedded in the material. If you get to most stains quickly enough, you can wipe them away. But if you let them sit out in the weather for too long, you might as well replace the glass. Discolouration can also occur if dirt is allowed to accumulate on a window frame.

Would an outside window cleaner work in the winter?

Due to the lack of sun and dry weather, winter is one of the most annoying times of year. This is because the exterior of your home can grow dirtier than any other time of year. Strong winds and thawing snow can carry dust and filth onto your windows, and the salt can also be a pain. So, make sure you stay on top of your routine window cleaning throughout the entire winter. Cleaning exterior glass panels and cleaning windows in the dead of winter isn’t easy, (although the free cups of tea we’re given throughout the day really help), but it’s essential if you want to enjoy the spring weather.

Will the sun help you clean windows?

You’ll see a lot of warnings online about the dangers of cleaning windows in direct sunlight. It is somewhat true but they usually apply only to the “old-fashioned” method of using a bucket and a cloth. Those sources are correct if you plan on using soapy water. If this is your method then you’ll need to work rapidly or the soap will dry before you can rub it off.

Our window cleaners in Tunbridge Wells are using cutting-edge technology so we’re unaffected by the sun. It’s actually fortunate for the client if sunlight streams in through the window. Because this will highlight any dirt and reveal whether or not the window cleaners did a decent job.

What kind of weather would you recommend cleaning your window panes?

Though different kinds of weather provide unique difficulties, there isn’t a single ideal climate to be really honest. Furthermore, as seasoned experts, we are up to the task in any month of the year.


Get your windows cleaned come rain or shine and don’t cancel your outside window cleaner in Tunbridge Wells just because you notice a few clouds on the horizon. The single most important thing to remember is that professional window cleaning is the only method to ensure that your windows always look their best. Depending on the client’s needs, we can schedule periodic window cleanings. These can be done for every 6, 8, 12, 16, 26, or 52 weeks throughout the year.

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