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What is a water fed pole?

Cleaning your windows the old-fashioned way often requires a ladder, some chemical or eco-friendly cleaner, and cloths for wiping down the glass. If you live in a big house, you might have to spend a few hours to a few days doing this job, depending on the size of the house. Cleaning windows is typically a dangerous and time-consuming task, so we advise homeowners to avoid the hazards associated with this labour. However, our once traditional window cleaners in Tunbridge Wells now have an advantage due to the creation of a water-fed pole window washing method.

Water fed pole window cleaning is the most recent technological innovation in window cleaning, and it is completely revolutionising the market. Water fed pole cleaning simplifies outside window cleaning and provides a superior clean for homes. Cleaning windows using this method is less expensive, more accessible, safer, and faster.

The water fed pole (or tucker pole) is a long extendable pole (usually made from carbon fibre) with a soft bristle brush on end. A hose runs the length of the tube. When water is pumped through the hose and brush, it shoots out at high pressure, much like a pressure washer. However, the technician can easily manage the water stream.

The cleaning professional cleaned the window using a wet brush and specialised filtered and de-ionised water. Purified water refers to water that has been cleaned, or “purified,” by removing most contaminants or “total dissolved solids.” It is done by running the tap water through a water purification system, then through water fed pole (WFP) and brush to clean the window. The brush scrubs the contaminants from the glass, then the purified water rinses all the dirt and grime away and leaves the windows spot free. Purified water is mineral-free, leaving no residue or chalky finish on the window, ensuring that it dries streak-free and sparkling clean. The pole may be extended to a height of 70 feet, allowing cleaning technicians on the ground to quickly and safely reach even towering skylights or second or third story windows.

Another good thing about this route is that it’s better for the environment. When you clean your glass with a sponge and bucket, you usually need detergent or chemicals to remove stains and dirt. This isn’t good for both the environment and your health. On the other hand, water-fed pole systems only use water that has been cleaned, which won’t hurt your health, your home, or the environment in the area. It means that you can have peace of mind that you have chosen the most environmentally-friendly way to clean your windows if you go this way.

There are many reasons why commercial water-fed pole cleaning services can make the perfect window cleaning system for your building. If you are interested in booking our local cleaning services or would like to learn more about how water-fed pole window cleaning works, please do not hesitate to contact our traditional window cleaning in Tunbridge Wells team to book your free site assessment.