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How do I clean my windows streak free?

Have you ever tried to clean glass tables or windows, only to discover that streaks and dust remained after you finished? Splatter-free surfaces appear unachievable no matter how much you spray and wipe the surface with the cleaner. However, our team at window cleaning Tunbridge Wells can make it possible. We’ve gathered the correct procedure so you’ll spend less time overall. 

Before we discuss how to remove window streaks, it’s important to understand why they occur in the first place. The top two reasons for streaking on windows are as follows:

The cleaner is the first thing that needs to be looked at. There are many different types of window cleaning solutions available. Some all-purpose cleaners make the claim that they won’t leave a mess behind, but in practice, they don’t live up to that promise. Because of the high temperature and the bright sunshine, the liquid component of the solution evaporates quite quickly. This produces a residue on the glass that resembles streaks when viewed from a distance. It is also possible for it to go through a window that has streaks on it if you do not remove all of the liquid from the window. There is also a difference depending on the kind of fabric or towel used. Towels that aren’t highly absorbent will leave behind streaks, which are visible after drying. If you were to use a different sort of towel, it might come apart, which would leave a mess behind you consisting of lint, dust, and filth. If a towel has been used for other activities, such as wiping a car, cleaning paint off glass or drying down your dog it is possible that it has picked up dirt from other types of cleansers. Towels that have been washed with household cleaners tend to retain oils and detergents, making it challenging to clean windows with them because of the residue that is left behind.​
However, the keys to streak-free window cleaning are the technique and tools that you use. Make sure you start by getting rid of all the things accumulated on top of your glass, like bird droppings and stickers. Then you can begin to clean the glass, so it doesn’t leave any streaks. White vinegar can be used to get rid of stubborn stains and grime. Spray the stains with vinegar and let it sit for five minutes before wiping. It would be best to wet the area where you want to get rid of tape, paint, or other sticky things. Then, you should use a scraper to get rid of the tape. The scraper should be held at a 45-degree angle to the glass. Gently press the scraper against the glass to remove the tape as you move forward. Prepare your cleaning solution by mixing it. You may use any cleaning solution you like. When it comes to keeping your windows sparkling and beautiful, the approach and tools you utilise are more important than the cleaner you use. In a clean bucket, combine your favourite window cleaning solution, including equal amounts of white vinegar and water, 1 tablespoon (15 mL) liquid dishwashing liquid per gallon, (3.8 L) water, and a professional window cleaning solution. You can use the rubber squeegee after the window has been cleaned with a solution. Start at the top of the window and swipe horizontally across the window from one side to the other. Use a cloth that isn’t lint-free with each stroke to wipe down the squeegee. Use a dry cloth or towel to remove any remaining water that has gathered around the margins of the windows, on the sill, or the floor after cleaning and drying each one.

The expert house window cleaners in Tunbridge Wells understand how to properly treat your windows, leaving you with sparkling clean, crystal clear windows. Our staff are knowledgeable with cleaning various window types, including single pane, double pane, french pane, skylights, glass panels, storm windows, patio covers, and solariums. We have the necessary equipment to clean all types of windows, both inside and out. If it’s glass, our professionals can clean it!