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How often should windows be cleaned?

Cleaning the windows can be significant pain for the majority of people. Who wants to spend their precious weekend hours carrying heavy buckets and balancing on that unstable wooden ladder you discovered leaning in their garage? Luckily, the Pro Window Cleaning Tunbridge Wells company provides services to fulfil all of your clean window wishes.

The location of your residence influences window cleaning frequency. If you live in a rural region with farm fields, your windows and screens will need to be cleaned more frequently. This is because harvesting and planting generate dust and filth transported directly to our windows by the wind. But there are many benefits to regular window cleaning for your home which we discuss in a blog post. Various aspects can influence dirty windows, including dust, pollen, vermin, and grime. Salt and hard water will also cause problems if you live near the shore. These issues will continue to pile up, which is why having a professional cleaning company visit is a good idea. The question is, how often should your windows be cleaned?

Cleaning your windows on a general basis every six months is recommended. But cleaning them monthly may be preferable in harsher climates or for business premises. Windows in commercial locations such as businesses and offices can accumulate grime, dirt, and grime. Business owners want to project a professional image without worrying about dirty windows distorting that picture which is why we’d say monthly for a commercial property. This is because a nice and clean shop front is welcoming to customers. While we recommend that you thoroughly clean your residential windows at least twice a year, three times a year may be preferable if you live in an area with many trees where pollen tends to build. Although cleaning windows every six months is a decent rule of thumb, but more frequently is even better.

There are also some factors affecting the timeline of cleaning your window. If you or anybody in your household suffers from allergies, you are already aware that dust and dirt can cause sneezing and coughing to break out. It would be best if you cleaned your windows at least once a month to keep your allergies from getting worse. Another consideration is the current state of the climate. While you may believe that strong winds and rain are beneficial to your home, prolonged rain spots can cause windows to fog up. Cleaning your windows in the winter or during bad weather will not help. If you clean them at an inappropriate time, you may harm them.

It’s essential to make sure that your windows are cleaned every so often if you want them to last long. If you keep your window clean, it will stay clean longer than one that doesn’t, according to many studies. People who live near things like hard water, acid, and oxidation usually make the glass weaker, which makes them break down. Hiring our team of local window cleaners will eliminate all of the unwanted dirt. This will help to keep the quality of all of your windows at a high level. There is no right or wrong frequency for cleaning your windows; it is much more a matter of personal preference regarding how clean you want them to be about your monthly budget.