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How often should you clean commercial windows?

Photo of a commercial shop window which is regularly cleaned

In business, initial impressions are essential since they determine how the rest of the relationship will go. Maintaining immaculate windows is an easy method to give out a good first impression of your company. We’ve all seen office buildings with unkempt lawns, littered car parks, and filthy windows. The carelessness shown here makes potential customers wonder whether the company is struggling or doesn’t give a damn. If this sounds like your business then have a quick search for ‘commercial window cleaner near me‘ and give us a call because this is obviously not the impression you want to make.

It might be difficult to establish how frequently it is best to get your windows cleaned by a professional. As every workplace is different and every company has its own requirements, there are no hard and fast rules here. Yet, there are a few considerations that might help you establish a routine that works. The cleanliness of your windows may be affected by factors like as the amount of foot traffic, the size of your building, the number of staff and customers present each day, and the location of your facility. Your windows will become filthy more quickly and need washing more often if your building is located near a motorway or on a busy street. Similarly, if your facility is located next to a car park, among trees that shed sap, or in the middle of a dirt field, you may need to clear the air more often. The frequency with which you should clean your windows might also be affected by the building’s design. Case in point: inset windows may be more prone to dust and dirt buildup, necessitating more regular cleaning.

The first consideration in establishing a cleaning plan will be the nature of your business. If you own a restaurant, for instance, you may want to consider how often you clean the establishment based on the sorts of guests you often see. The unappealing appearance of unclean, muddy, fingerprinted windows is a given at a family restaurant that caters to young children. Make sure your crew is spot-cleaning windows to eliminate fingerprints in between professional cleanings. Windows at restaurants should be properly cleaned on the inside and exterior at least once every two weeks due to the high levels of moisture and grease in the air. Retail shops need daily spot cleaning, while healthcare facilities need a flawless, well-maintained look to offer patients confidence that they will be adequately cared for in a clean, hygienic environment, hence the two have distinct cleaning requirements.

There are many good reasons why you shouldn’t attempt washing your windows yourself or have staff do it. Your windows will sparkle after a professional cleaning, making a great first impression on customers and staff alike. Call Pro Window Cleaning Tunbridge Wells right now at 01892 335433 to find out more about our window cleaning services.

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