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Make cleaning commercial windows more eco-friendly.

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Right now, businesses and individuals everywhere should be focusing on developing ecologically responsible practices. The good news is that there are techniques to clean windows in a more sustainable fashion that will also reduce your impact on the environment. It will be more efficient and quicker than the conventional approach. This is especially good for businesses that get their windows cleaned regularly.

How can I clean my windows naturally?

  • You should use a pole that is water fed

Professional window cleaners in Tunbridge Wells like us, who care about the environment will have found ways to lessen their impact on the world around them and will have invested in equipment that produces great results with minimal impact. Water fed poles complete the task quickly and effectively while using minimal water. A water-fed pole can survive far longer than the disposable plastic squeegees that are now in use.

  • Use filtered/purified water

Instead of using harsh chemicals, the water pole is rapidly fed with filtered water. It can be used without worrying about damaging the waterway or leaving behind unsightly streaks or stains. Equally unneeded are harsh chemicals for cleaning.

Products for cleaning that are easier on the environment

  • Detergent use reduction

Cleaning windows without the use of chemical detergents offered in plastic spray bottles is the most environmentally responsible option if you prefer to do it yourself. White vinegar that has been distilled is sold in glass bottles and can be watered down. Even though it stinks, it performs a great job of cleaning. It is the policy of every professional window cleaner to use only the smallest amount of detergent possible and to take every precaution to limit the negative effects of their use.

  • Contract with a window-cleaning service that uses low-emission vehicles

Make sure your provider operates with sustainability in mind. Inquire about vehicle emissions in addition to the cleaning process they use. You might also visit the website of your window washer to learn more about their efforts to help reduce carbon emissions.

  • Hire a local business

There won’t be any extra costs for gas or time if a window washer is already operating in your neighbourhood. This translates to savings in gas money. Many people work for huge corporations. As a result, they may provide services to your buildings in multiple areas, with the help of their closest technicians.

Customers will start demanding assurances of your company’s climate-change commitment in 2022. These eco-friendly window washing practices are simple wins that will boost your reputation as an innovative, caring business. Please visit our website to learn more about how our organisation contributes to the greater good. You can also contact us by phone, by filling out a form or having a quick search for ‘commercial window cleaning near me‘ and getting in touch through our website.

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