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How to clean your conservatory.

Photo of a large glass conservatory that has just been cleaned

Typically, the British summer is somewhat persistent.

Except for a few wet days, the weather has been fairly sunny and hot.

Therefore, you have to generally avoid relaxing in your conservatory.

These glass additions to our homes are insulated to keep in heat during the winter and cool air during the summer, giving us the feeling of summer all year round.

However, when the temperature rises, it really rises within.

A new issue has emerged, though, due to the dry weather. Dust.

There’s dust in the air, and it’ll settle on the glass of your conservatory, making it look grimy the next time you want to use it, whenever the summer heat finally breaks.

Now is an excellent time for conservatory cleaning, but you must be careful.

Precautions to take when cleaning the roof

DO NOT climb onto the roof!

You shouldn’t stand on the roof of your conservatory to clean the glass but be assured that it is safe for its weight and has been designed with safety in mind.

You may easily lose your footing if you try to walk, or even crawl, across them.

However, even if you manage to avoid falling through, the slippery surface of wet glass presents additional risk.

A telescopic brush and a ladder are the traditional tools for cleaning a conservatory roof, but you should still be careful about where you rest the ladder and ensure that it is in a secure position.

Although pure mineral water (like what we use) is best for cleaning, you can get away with using soap as long as you rinse it off with clean water or a jet-wash afterwards.

Soapy, old-fashioned window cleaners can produce streaks, making the situation look even worse than it already is.

Don’t forget to seal up the house’s vents and windows, or you might wake up the snoozing occupants.

Do not overlook the gutters

Depending on how well you keep up the roof of your home and whether or not there are any nearby trees or huge plants, gutter cleaning may be necessary more often than once or twice a year. So if the moss from an old roof was dropping off and filling the gutters all around the home and in the conservatory. This requires constant maintenance by cleaning.

Does that sound like a lot of work?

Naturally, having someone else do it is the simplest and, in certain cases, the most cost-effective choice.

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