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Outside window cleaning in winter.

Photo of a window with the outside covered in frost because it is winter

​When it’s chilly and icy outdoors, you probably don’t want to think about cleaning your windows in Tunbridge Wells. However, maintaining your lovely glazed windows clean is crucial to ensuring that they last as long as possible and keep you warm and cosy throughout the winter months.

If you cleaned your windows right before the winter storm arrived, ideally they won’t need to be cleaned. However, if they are starting to show signs of wear, it is far preferable to clean them now rather than risk having your windows broken or, worse still, have unclean windows reduce the amount of sunlight that enters your home when it is chilly outside.

If you’re going to attempt washing your windows this winter, consider the following list of advice. We sincerely hope these are helpful, and of course, if you require any assistance with window upkeep or replacement, don’t hesitate to contact us here.

Timing is crucial

It matters what day you choose to clean your windows. You should specifically keep an eye out for the weather on this day, as well as the weather in the next couple of days. Select a day that won’t be too chilly, windy, or icy. In essence, we want to avoid any precipitation, ice, or snow. In addition to the day, you should pick a time of day that is not too sunny. When it is shady or cloudy outside, it is the ideal time of day to clean your windows. Fortunately, we reside in Tunbridge Wells, so locating such a day shouldn’t be too difficult. This will lessen the likelihood of any streaks developing.

Prepare yourself thoroughly

Make sure you’ve cleaned the grooves inside the window frames before beginning to clean your windows. To get rid of any accumulated dust, grime, or debris, use a cleaning spray or solvent. The window mechanisms that allow your windows to open and close may be affected if you let the dust accumulate for an extended period. Do you recall what we stated before regarding the lifetime of windows? We weren’t kidding, sadly. In addition to having a detrimental effect on the long-term health of your windows, leaving dirt in the window frame tracks will make them more difficult to clean since it may spread a wonderful muddy mess throughout the windows.

Consider the temperature

The temperature of the water is crucial while washing your windows. It may seem strange, but if the water is too hot while it is freezing outside, the glass may break. What is worse than dirty windows? Damaged ones! Naturally, it would be excellent to avoid using cold water on chilly windows as well for our comfort. In conclusion, using warm water to carefully clean your windows is your best bet. Wear a pair of rubber gloves as you clean as well to protect your hands and increase your comfort level.

Consider cleaning supplies

You should be concerned about the cleaning solution you use if you care about your windows. You can use a standard window washing solution as usual if it isn’t too cold outside. However, it is preferable to use a freeze-resistant cleaner if the weather is chilly. The best method is to use water diluted windscreen cleaning solution. Although these products were developed for automobiles, they work great for cleaning any sort of glass. Another choice is to combine rubbing alcohol with a little water and dishwashing liquid.

To avoid streaks, wipe

The worst are streaks! especially if streaks start to develop after you’ve just spent 30 minutes wiping the glass. We, therefore, want to take all possible precautions to prevent this. Newspapers can leave markings on the frame and have the ability to cause minor scratches, even though some people think they are ideal for cleaning windows. Our advice is to use a regular kitchen towel. Your windows will be streak free and sparkling after using these soft, absorbent cloths. Make sure to wash the windows in circular motions, working from the outside of the glass toward the centre. You may be sure that your windows will look the nicest on your street in this way.

Contact us if you require window maintenance services

A long window’s lifespan can be increased by doing the best window maintenance. Along with keeping your windows clean regularly, it’s crucial to fix any broken glass or frame as soon as you see it. In response, we are here. While we can’t clean your windows for you, we can undoubtedly assist you if you need to mend or replace them. Contact us right away to learn more about how we can assist you with maintaining your windows.

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