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Best practices for cleaning house windows in the sun.

Sun shining through the glass which makes cleaning house windows more difficult

You may have noticed that the majority of professional house window cleaners in Tunbridge Wells employ pole systems to clean windows these days. These specialised window cleaning systems use filtered water and a unique brush to clean all of your home’s windows without the need for ladders and, more significantly, without the application of any kind of soapy window cleaner.

To begin, making use of the pole eliminates the need to stand on high ladders, which, let’s be honest here, is a risky proposition.

It is not fun to just hang out in this heat when the temperature has been as high as it has been in recent days.

It has the potential to make you fatigued and clumsy, neither of which are desirable states to be in while you’re 20 feet in the air!

But why not use water mixed with soap?

First of all, it may produce streaks if you use it in an area that is exposed to bright sunlight.

If you opt to clean your windows, you’ll find out this information for yourself. If you don’t follow a few straightforward guidelines for cleaning windows, streaks and smears will follow you wherever you go.

So, in order to guarantee that your windows maintain their pristine appearance, even if you clean them when the sun is shining, here are some tips.

Avoid allowing the soapy solution to get dry

If you leave the solution on the window and it starts to dry, you’ll run into problems, but getting it perfect every time will require some deft handwork on your part.

Therefore, as soon as you have sprayed water on the window, grab your squeegee and immediately wipe the surface clean.

You could note that some window washers perform this action with both hands at the same time.

Imagine yourself as Mr Miyagi from “The Karate Kid.”

Wipe on, wipe… ok you get it.

Use additional water

This particular point is straightforward.

Just add more water to the mixture to make it a more dilute solution

Because of this, there will be fewer streaks, and it will be much simpler to clean the window with just one swipe, as opposed to having to constantly go back over it to get it clean.

Use less soap

Almost the same piece of advice as before, just written backwards!

Just use a little bit less soap.

You should probably clean the windows more frequently, although it’s probably best to perform a tiny bit of cleaning more frequently given the circumstances.

Employ a seasoned expert

Okay, I know it’s a cop-out, but think about how much time you waste cleaning the windows and what else you could be accomplishing with that time!

Employ a qualified window cleaner to handle the task for you, and you will consistently achieve much more satisfying results than you would otherwise.

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