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3 things to look for in commercial window cleaners.

A row of commercial shops on a street in England that would all need regular window cleaning

Searching for commercial window cleaners to renew your contract may seem as straightforward as using Google in our always-connected society. A difficult task, however, is sorting out the under-qualified, inexperienced, and cowboys from the sea of results. This is because almost every organisation claims to be able to give a quality service. But with our three points below you shouldn’t go too far wrong.

Three things to look for when hiring a commercial window cleaning service in Tunbridge Wells

Choose the right commercial window cleaning company for your building

The days of cleaning windows from one house to the next with a towel and sponge are over. Modern design has forced the commercial window washing sector to boost its game. As a result, specialised technology can be the difference between a thorough cleaning and a sloppy service. So you should only hire a cleaning firm that has the necessary tools and personnel to do the work properly.

Extra due diligence

Make sure that the commercial window cleaning Tunbridge Wells company you choose does an equipment assessment every six months. This is to guarantee that you are getting a safe and efficient clean.

Carry out thorough checks on the window cleaning company

A business may be started in a couple of minutes because of the nature of the Internet. Therefore, you should always verify a business window cleaning company’s claims of 100% customer satisfaction. It’s important to seek these qualities in a commercial window cleaning service:

  • The company actually has a professional and active website.
  • See if contacting them is simple via their website.
  • The company’s website features images of previous projects.
  • Reviews/Testimonials.

Make sure the commercial window cleaners are insured and trained

Ladders, abseils, and even cranes are used by commercial window cleaners, which are inherently dangerous. But if your window cleaning company has the right insurance, you can rest easy. Honest window cleaning firms (like ours) are more than willing to show you proof of their policies if you inquire about them. It’s also critical that the personnel in charge of your property is properly credentialed. When it comes to cleaning a business’s commercial windows, proper safety precautions must be taken into account. This is to ensure that cleaning is done safely and properly as more often than not it will be on public property where pedestrians are continually walking. Therefore, all employees of the business window cleaning firm you select should be properly trained.


Carry out proper research before hiring any old company. So that you can rest assured that your safety and security are not just taken care of, but also in line with government rules and that Health and Safety regulations are strictly followed.

A site visit must be conducted before any window cleaning begins to determine the optimum method for the structure. Then access and safety equipment must be checked in places like cradles, anchor points, or machinery parking areas. Find out more about our commercial window cleaning services by getting in touch today.

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