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How cleaning your windows can transform the front of your home.

Lovely cottage in Tunbridge Wells that has had its windows cleaned

Having your house look pristine and in order is certainly no easy task. Simply buying or renting a house is not enough. You also need sufficient funds to maintain it to keep it looking amazing and as new as ever. Fortunately cleaning your windows with a local window cleaner in Tunbridge Wells doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. But, it makes a huge impact. However, if you are a little short on cash and do not want to spend money on having someone else clean your windows then you need to focus your efforts on doing so. This means learning the tips and tricks so you can know how to keep your glass and frames spotlessly clean.

Why are windows important for the home?

Before moving on to how they transform the entire look of the house, one must also know the signs that they hold as well. They have a variety of purposes to convince you that having them there is actually advantageous.

Let light and heat in

Without windows, a house would not receive enough light or warmth. That would give it a dark and dreary appeal. We’re guessing that may not be the kind of family environment you are looking for especially if you have children.


Windows are a means of providing ventilation. Without them, you would not feel a light breeze wafting in the house on a warm summer day. Equally new windows have vents built-in to them so they serve in the winter in letting in a reduced amount of air.


They also happen to be highly energy-efficient if you get the right sort for your house. Such improvements can easily be added to your windows and would save you money on energy costs as well. That truly goes to show just how significant windows are and why it’s important to clean them.


How to clean windows

Traditional window cleaners in Tunbridge Wells can have your windows gleaming with every ray of the sun reflecting off their surfaces. However, if you want to do it yourself, there are some things you must know before attempting it. Here are some of those tips to educate you on how to clean your windows.

Tip 1

Do NOT use a hose

Ordinarily, you might consider using a hose to wash all the dirt and grime off once you are finished rubbing soap on it. This just might end up being a disastrous idea. The first thing to know is that hoses release water in a rough cascade with a great deal of pressure. Though the glass fitted into the house is not meant to be completely fragile, testing its limits may not be a good idea. It is simply best that you fill up a water bucket and use it to clean the windows instead. This is also why pressure washing is not a good idea when it comes to windows. You just may end up with the glass in broken fragments, forcing you to spend money to have it replaced.

Tip 2

Get the right window cleaning equipment

No matter what sort of work you end up completing, you need the appropriate tools to make it happen. Otherwise, there is a good chance that it will either appear shoddy or wind up being even less successful than it was before. As a result of this, when you begin cleaning your windows, you should make sure that you have a squeegee, a soft cloth, and a glass cleaner. This is to maximise the chance that they will appear smooth, pristine, and radiant throughout the daytime.

Tip 3

Point your sprinklers away from the windows

This tip is mainly for commercial properties that have a lawn care system, private estates that can afford sprinklers and hotter climate countries. But we still thought it was worth mentioning. Many of these points are focused on advising you to not put too much undue pressure on the windows. Sprinklers too let out a gush of water that is not remotely close to gentle. So having automatic sprinklers turned on and spraying your windows does not mean that they are cleaning them. They just might be causing more problems for you due to the increasing build-up of hard water and scale that is not good for the windows. If hard water or limescale build up to a certain extent, it becomes extremely hard to get your windows rid of them. This is why it is best to simply prevent it from happening altogether.

How windows transform the look of a house

If you live in the UK, you must have noticed that traditional window cleaners in Tunbridge Wells tend to take their job very seriously to give homes by Calverly Grounds and businesses on Mount Pleasant Rd that sparkling shine. These days glass houses appear to be trending as they give a much more modernistic vibe to the place. Floor-to-ceiling windows are installed to allow the maximum amount of light to creep through. This will then light up the monochromatic interiors of houses, making them look positively radiant. This makes cleaning your windows even more essential to have them nice and spotless. If that is not the case people just may view streaks of dirt and grime tainting the windows, giving them a less-than-desirable appeal. The rest of the house simply cannot look beautiful if its windows are not gleaming due to just how clean they are.


Windows are a highly essential component of just about any house in any place. Making sure to take good care of them by consistently soaping them down and washing them can make all the difference between a pristine house and one that looks unkept and dirty. This is why you should not allow laziness to have a grip on you whenever you feel like they might need a bit of a wash. Because it can truly impact just how your house looks from the outside and feels on the inside. After reading this, do you feel that you would rather hire a professional? Then do a quick Google search for “window cleaner near me” and we should be right there at the top.

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